Is Bilirubin total 7.6 high, normal or dangerous? What does Bilirubin total level 7.6 mean?

Bilirubin total 7.6

Your Bilirubin total level of 7.6 is a High Bilirubin total level.

If your Bilirubin total is in between 0.2 mg/dL and 1 mg/dL, then you need not worry as 0.2-1 mg/dL is the normal range for Bilirubin total. But if your Bilirubin total is lesser or greater than the above values, then there may be some problem in your body.

Normal range of Bilirubin total found among men : 0.2 - 1 mg/dL

Ideal values of Bilirubin total depending on age (male) :
Age Ideal Bilirubin total value
<5 years 0.215
5-10 years 0.231
10-15 years 0.249
15-20 years 0.268
20-25 years 0.288
25-30 years 0.31
30-35 years 0.334
35-40 years 0.359
40-45 years 0.386
45-50 years 0.415
50-55 years 0.447
55-60 years 0.481
60-70 years 0.518
70-80 years 0.557
80-90 years 0.599
90-100 years 0.645
>100 years 0.694

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Normal range of Bilirubin total found among women : 0.2-1 mg/dL

Ideal values of Bilirubin total depending on age (female) :
Age Ideal Bilirubin total value
<5 years 0.216
5-10 years 0.233
10-15 years 0.251
15-20 years 0.271
20-25 years 0.292
25-30 years 0.315
30-35 years 0.34
35-40 years 0.367
40-45 years 0.396
45-50 years 0.427
50-55 years 0.46
55-60 years 0.496
60-70 years 0.535
70-80 years 0.577
80-90 years 0.622
90-100 years 0.671
>100 years 0.724
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Can Low or High bilirubin cause Heart Problems?

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If you take a Bilirubin total blood test and the results are not in the normal range (0.2-1 mg/dL), your physician may recommend more tests to figure out the problem. You might also get this test if your physician thinks you have some other disease.

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How the Bilirubin total Test Is Done :

If your doctor wants Bilirubin total test on you, you may need a Bilirubin total blood test. During the Bilirubin total blood test, a pathologist will put a needle into your veins and take out a small quantity of blood. A pathologist is a physician in the medical field who thoroughly studies the causes and effects of disease. Within a few hours you will get your Bilirubin total Test report by your pathologist.

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