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After you fill-up the form and upload your blood test reports, we will forward your details to one of our doctors. Our doctor will go through the information provided by you and interpret your blood test results. After your blood test results are interpreted you will know :

  • Probable causes of the abnormality of your blood
  • The disease which is causing blood abnormality
  • The severity of the disease
  • Do you need more blood tests to rule out any severe disease?
  • Home remedies to ease your symptoms
  • Tips to bring your blood tests to a normal level
  • Medicines will be prescribed, if required

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Medchunk patient reviews and testimonials on 2nd october 2022

Alexander Smith - USA: 5-stars

Normally I consult doctors in my city, but they are not good at all, I was very disappointed. Don't know how I got to medchunk, maybe some ad - fb somewhere. Been an incredible experience. Very happy, satisfied. RECOMMENDED!!!!!

Peter Jones - USA:5-stars

Excellent experience The doctor responded quickly, resolved the issues. I told about past history and thank you for giving me a perfect treatment. Very happy. I will let you know about the progress.

Elizabeth Martin - UK:3-stars

Medchunk promised to send me a medical opinion within 12 hours. But I got my report after 15 hours. Diagnosis was good but they must fulfill the 12 hour promise

Jack Miller - Ireland:5-stars

Definitely very happy. I was skeptical at first, but now I am very grateful to the MedChunk team. And I don't know why you are charging such a low price for it. Even if it costs double, I think people will pay for it, because the quality of doctors is amazing. Thank you

Ella Lopez - USA:5-stars

I don't usually talk to doctors online. This is my first time and I must say it was a great experience. The doctor provided the diagnosis on my email within 5 hours and he gave great tips too. I clearly understood my condition and received a complete treatment. so awesome! Will come back and recommend to my friends too!

Jessica Lee - UK:5-stars

My city doctor told me that my increased RBC is nothing to worry about. But thanks to the doctors of Medchunk who diagnosed me correctly and advised me for EPO test. I came to know that my kidney is not working properly. thank you for giving my life back

Rohan Sharma - India:4-stars

I had cholesterol problems for years. But I didn't know there were modern tests available to diagnose my heart disease risk. Thanks to the doctors for guiding me and recommending me all those modern tests. I am trying to follow all your recommendations. Thanks again

Lucía Fernández - Spain:3-stars

gracias por tratar mi problema hepático. Muchas gracias a ti y a tu equipo.

Anthony Taylor - USA:5-stars

I have a new blood report. Do I have to pay again or is it included in the earlier payment. answer please

Martina García - Costa Rica:5-stars

Buenos doctores. Muy recomendable

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