Is Chol HDL ratio 1.64 low, normal or dangerous? What does Cholesterol HDL ratio level 1.64 mean?

Chol HDL ratio 1.64

Your Chol HDL ratio level of 1.64 is a Low Chol HDL ratio level.

If your Chol HDL ratio is in between 3.3 Ratio and 4.4 Ratio, then you need not worry as 3.3-4.4 Ratio is the normal range for Chol HDL ratio. But if your Chol HDL ratio is lesser or greater than the above values, then there may be some problem in your body.

Normal range of Chol HDL ratio found among men : 3.3 - 4.4 Ratio

Ideal values of Chol HDL ratio depending on age (male) :
Age Ideal Chol HDL ratio value
<5 years 3.354
5-10 years 3.409
10-15 years 3.465
15-20 years 3.522
20-25 years 3.58
25-30 years 3.639
30-35 years 3.699
35-40 years 3.76
40-45 years 3.822
45-50 years 3.885
50-55 years 3.949
55-60 years 4.014
60-70 years 4.08
70-80 years 4.147
80-90 years 4.215
90-100 years 4.284
>100 years 4.354

*Ideal values ​​are calculated based on our database of patient records

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Normal range of Chol HDL ratio found among women : 3.3-4.4 Ratio

Ideal values of Chol HDL ratio depending on age (female) :
Age Ideal Chol HDL ratio value
<5 years 3.356
5-10 years 3.413
10-15 years 3.471
15-20 years 3.53
20-25 years 3.59
25-30 years 3.651
30-35 years 3.713
35-40 years 3.776
40-45 years 3.84
45-50 years 3.905
50-55 years 3.971
55-60 years 4.038
60-70 years 4.106
70-80 years 4.175
80-90 years 4.246
90-100 years 4.318
>100 years 4.391

If you take a Chol HDL ratio blood test and the results are not in the normal range (3.3-4.4 Ratio), your physician may recommend more tests to figure out the problem. You might also get this test if your physician thinks you have some other disease.

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How the Chol HDL ratio Test Is Done :

If your doctor wants Chol HDL ratio test on you, you may need a Chol HDL ratio blood test. During the Chol HDL ratio blood test, a pathologist will put a needle into your veins and take out a small quantity of blood. A pathologist is a physician in the medical field who thoroughly studies the causes and effects of disease. Within a few hours you will get your Chol HDL ratio Test report by your pathologist.

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